Emergency Information

Once again, we are in hurricane season. We would like to take this time to make sure that we will all be prepared, safe, and out of harm's way in the event of tropical weather. If a storm does threaten the metro area, we suggest that you do the following:

If you do evacuate, we urge you to:

Please decide upon an escape route in advance in case evacuation becomes necessary. We strongly urge all tenants to evacuate in the event that a hurricane threatens the metro area. If you plan to stay, be prepared for power outages. Stock up on batteries (to power flashlights and radios), bottled water, canned food, and a manual can opener. You may also want to fill your bath tub with water. Ziploc any important documents that you do not want ruined. If a mandatory evacuation were to be announced, all residents must leave the property.

In the event of an emergency it is critical that we have all your information. Please complete the attached form and return it to the office immediately. We encourage you to provide an emergency land line phone number in the case of cell phone outages. In the event of an evacuation, you can receive property information in several ways: